The spotlight on the production of high-end electrical equipment

The expertise

Our expertise: to use our experience and our knowledge to offer you impeccable aesthetics.

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Noble metals

The rendering of our products depends first of all on the selection of materials, including brass and aluminium. These materials define the aesthetics and quality of our products.

French made

Our products are 100% manufactured in France to guarantee French quality. Each product is assessed to offer you luxury designer electrical equipment.

Matière Lumière, the art and the style!

The mission of our designer technicians: “to reveal all the subtleties of space planning through the finesse and elegance of your electrical equipment!”. Creativity and perfect mastery of the fabrication processes make Matière Lumière a manufacturer of high-end electrical equipment.

The manufacture of high-end electrical sockets and switches from Matière Lumière is the result of the marriage between advanced technologies and material treatment, so as to enhance your space arrangements.

Et voilà, a French manufacturer of electrical equipment!

It is at the heart of the design office integrated into the Plaisir manufacturing workshop, close to Paris, that our technicians manufacture and reinvent the world of luxury electrical equipment.

Choose an exceptional material such as brass and treat it with high quality finishes to obtain unique electrical sockets and switches.

The three collections of switches and electrical sockets from Matière Lumière come from French expertise:

  • Originel collection (brushed aluminium range)
  • Métamorphose collection (brushed or oxidized brass range)
  • Ar Men collection (aluminium range with exceptional finishes)

Machining: precision knowledge

Before shining in the most prestigious spaces, several steps are necessary in the manufacturing of these high-end electrical sockets and switches.

Several choices of finishes and functional combinations are possible, and, according to the request, we can create a simple configuration, like a switch and its lever, and advanced to the complex configuration of a custom plate with different associated functions.

Our technicians use the high-precision equipment in the following sequence:

  • Receipt of brass and aluminium plates
  • Cutting of plates in the dimensions of the switch plates or electrical sockets
  • Boring holes to incorporate the electric device using a milling machine
  • Drilling to fix the control mechanisms (pushbutton, USB socket)
  • Degreasing by immersion in an ultrasonic bath

This expertise and technical mastery make our technicians real craftsmen !

Usinage d'une plaque Matière Lumière
Brossage d'une plaque matière Lumière
Brushing: revealing the material

Brass and aluminium are prestigious materials requiring high precision work. The brushing stage reveals the material by highlighting it.

Rigour and ingenuity are the DNA of Matière Lumière. All these qualities give Matière Lumière the means to obtain different finishes, such as bronzing, brushed nickel, brushed steel, or even brushed brass.

Hand finishing guarantees the longevity of our plates and the quality of the design of the electrical equipment.

“A craftsmanship worthy of the profession of a goldsmith! “

The assembly of our custom-made electrical equipment!

If you have personalised requests for electrical equipment, the Métamorphose collection has been designed to meet them!

The collection offers you several possibilities of finishes and sizes (two-way switches, standard switches 50 mm deep).

The Originel collection: aluminium is king!

Aluminium is an exceptional material recognised for its strength and resistance to the test of time. Manufactured in our Plaisir workshop, this material, made up of an alloy of iron, chromium, and carbon, is at the origin of this collection, for its designer switches and unique electrical sockets.

Our luxury electrical sockets and switches are conceived with a clean design to cross all periods and match all styles. Our high-end electrical equipment is intended for all demanding professionals in interior design and space planning, as well as all individuals in search of quality and originality.

The Métamorphose collection: the nobility of brass!

Brass is a prestigious material, recognised in the world of goldsmithing. This copper and zinc alloy is a material popular with designers, interior architects, and decorators!

Matière Lumière offers designer electrical switches with more than ten possible finishes!

Among these collections you will find the perfect model for your interior design.

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