The tailor-made manufacturing of your high-end electrical equipment

Discover the tailor-made achievements of Matière Lumière, your manufacturer of high-end switches and electrical sockets. Our advisers will accompany you throughout your custom project.

The Matière Lumière design office responds, with its technical expertise, to all your wishes for “made-to-measure” electrical equipment, personalized designer switches, fully modular large electrical sockets, etc.

High-end electrical equipment: a “tailor-made” design!

A thermostat design for a Monegasque client

  • Redesigned and enhanced plastic rotary thermostat cover with brass from the Métamorphose collection
  • Personalized rotary knob for easy handling
  • Achieved a two-tone design

Creation of a label holder for a luxury building

  • Apartment doorbell casing
  • Minimal, chic, and modern design quality

Customisation of a switch with the addition of a bezel to the button

Creation of an in-ground electrical socket to match the design of the electrical equipment and achieve harmony with the interior design

Creation of a “tailor-made” headboard lamp for a luxury hotel

Production of a large, high-end electrical plate for the audiovisual industry, intended for seminars or meeting rooms, etc.

Are you a professional interior designer looking for high-end electrical equipment?

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