The matter to bring to light your most beautiful interiors! We are manufacturers of luxury electrical switches and sockets.

The distinction of high-end electrical equipment.

  • Do you like equipment that is of near-perfect quality?
  • Do you like being surrounded by unique elements?
  • Do you like to feel a unique energy throughout your projects?

Then you have come to the right place!

Matière Lumière offers you the absolute best in luxury switches and sockets. The use of raw and manufactured materials such as brass and aluminium, offered in original designs and developed through the marriage of our creativity and our expertise, allows you to enhance your interiors with the details. The “detail” makes all the difference!

From luxury hotel rooms to high-end residences, our collections of luxury switches and electrical sockets, “Originel”, “Ar Men” and “Métamorphose”, will meet your most demanding requirements.

Do you like to choose your interior design?

Whether you are a recognized professional or an owner enthusiastic about design, our collections of high-end electrical equipment are fully modular, in sizes ranging from 80×80 mm to 80×320 mm. These plates can integrate up to six devices (push buttons or levers, TV sockets, PC, RJ45, 2 USB, HMDI, etc.)

A wide range of designs and styles is possible thanks to the marriage of our materials and our brushed brass, bronze, brushed nickel, pale or pink gold, etc. These designer switches will enhance your decoration: retro vintage style or contemporary design? You choose ! Your high-end switches will be unique!

Matière Lumière, the genesis …

Two philosophies, two universes:

  • Mastering light as a material in its own right
  • Modelling the material to control the light

These two worlds merged in 2020 with the takeover of MGTEC by the Oceane Highty Group, to create Matière Lumière, a manufacturer of high-end electrical equipment!

Light, an exhilarating material that reveals all the subtleties of exceptional design. Do you want to control this “material light” with vintage or brushed brass switches? Matière Lumière opens up the possibilities with these collections of high-end electrical equipment. Our expertise allows you to control light by controlling matter. We aim for luxury, perfection, and expertise. We offer switches and electrical sockets made exclusively with exceptional materials and unique rendering, thanks to high-precision manufacturing, and bearing the ML mark, a sign of French excellence.

An integrated design office.

Our integrated design office masters all the manufacturing processes. It allows Matière Lumière to reinvent the world of high-end electrical equipment. From design to the choice of the best qualities of materials, brass, aluminium, steel, we are constantly looking to develop high-precision techniques and manufacturing with the latest innovative technologies on the market (3D prototyping, digital simulation). These technical methods facilitate the creativity of our designer technicians to create designer switches with exceptional finishes!

Two collections to discover: “Originel” and “Métamorphose”.

Originel, it is the cleanliness of simplicity. Combining refined aesthetics with noble metal materials, this collection combines quality and accessibility! Finishes to dress up your designer switches, such as “charcoal” aluminium in a matte black tint for a “trendy” effect, or with brushed aluminium switches, achieved by an abrasive treatment, which will enhance the decor of your integrated kitchen on a natural wood wall. Discover this collection with its nickel pushbuttons and levers.

The Métamorphose collection is one material: brass. Its name reflects the changes in the appearance of brass obtained by our various treatment processes. It unleashes off the wall creativity! With switches having a brass or brushed nickel finish, the choice becomes difficult as the rendering of the finishes enhance this beautiful material that is brass. Discover our collection here with no less than ten possible finishes!

A tailor-made customer relationship

The Matière Lumière sales team will be able to advise and support you at each stage of your high-end electrical equipment project. Whether you are a professional or an individual, our advisers will be keen to meet all your requirements.

The Matière Lumière team

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