Originel Collection

A sleek collection of switches and electrical sockets

Aluminium, for designer switches and unique electrical sockets.

The definition of the French word “originel”: “that which goes back to the origin of someone, or something: the original meaning of a term”. The creation of a collection of high-end electrical equipment is not only a question of technology. It must also integrate the aspects relating to the design to become as original as it is pure in its lines and its materials.

It is with this commitment that we borrow the words from Milton Glaser: “There are three possible reactions to any design: yes, no, and WOW! The third is the one I’m aiming for”. Our aluminium switches are conceived, designed and manufactured with this same philosophy.

A successful Originel design is characterized by its ability to match all styles of decoration:

  • 19th century, in a Haussmann style apartment with white aluminium switches (polar white finish with a nickel pushbutton)
  • 1920s / 30s, with retro style switches (charcoal finish with a nickel lever, epitomising the retro style)
  • 1940s / 50s, with vintage style switches (charcoal finish with a nickel pushbutton).
  • 1960s / 70s, to accompany your furniture or signature lighting (brushed stainless steel switch, natural finish)
  • 2000s with its style, minimalism, bohemian chic, natural style, etc.

Our Originel collection goes well with all periods and all styles.

Our high-end electrical equipment is intended for all exacting decor and space planning professionals, and for all individuals in search of originality, to perfect their interior design.

Luxury switches and sockets are finally accessible to everyone, thanks to the Originel collection, which combines price and quality. Welcome to Matière Lumière!

Our luxury switches and sockets comply with NF C15-100 standards.

We invite you to discover our Originel collection. Our advisers will be happy to assist you in all your interior design projects. Whether you are a professional designer or not, do not hesitate to contact us!

We have all sizes and devices!

Our switch and electrical socket sizes are designed to adapt to all of your space planning projects:

  • Vertical switch plate sizes: 80×80 mm plate, from one to three aluminium switches, 80×120 mm plate, from two to five aluminium switches and 80×160 mm plate, from one to six aluminium switches
  • Horizontal plate sizes for electrical sockets: 80×80 mm plate, one electrical socket, 80×160 mm plate, two electrical sockets, 80×240 mm plate, three electrical sockets

The aluminium switches in this collection allow you to choose two types of actuators: nickel lever or round, nickel pushbutton.

Do you have a project that requires electrical equipment?

Discover the finishes of this collection

The aluminium is manufactured in our workshop in Plaisir, just outside of Paris. Our expertise allows us to adapt this material, made up of an alloy of iron, chrome and carbon, in these finishes:

  • Charcoal: a black oxidation for trendy electrical equipment!
  • Natural: the aluminium goes through an abrasive treatment stage to obtain brushed aluminium switches
  • Polar: white for a timeless finish, your designer switches will blend into your contemporary spaces

Aluminium is a material allowing the creation of electrical equipment with sleek and elegant designs. The switches and electrical sockets in this collection will enhance your decor with their splendour and elegance.


Matte black is increasingly present in interior design.

Our equipment is therefore dressed in the “trendy” colour of the moment.


The aluminium goes through an abrasive treatment stage to obtain a brushed aluminium finish.

This finish is particularly appreciated in interior decor and more particularly in kitchens.

Our Devices

The integration of our devices in these varied sizes goes from a simple device(1 switch) for the 80 × 80 mm size to 6 switches for the 80 × 160 mm plates. All standard sockets are available:

  • PC sockets
  • RJ45 sockets
  • 2 USB sockets
  • HDMI sockets
  • TV and TV / FM sockets
  • TV / FM / SAT jacks
  • Wire sockets

These electrical devices are fitted with Torx screws, available in three finishes (nickel, black and white).

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