K’arré Collection

A collection of design and high-end switches

K’arré represents for Matière Lumière the possibility of offering a design and top-of-the-range alternative to classic switches. Indeed, with this collection we have created a design with assumed lines.

This collection of designer electrical equipment is ideal for installations controlled by home automation both for private high-end residences and for luxury hotel complexes. Its very flexible touch and its backlighting options for status feedback, for example, give it a truly unique touch of design.

You can also have it engraved by us according to your needs, whether personal or professional. The square format of our collection is chosen by our designers for a search for balance and harmony.

The philosophy behind our K’arré collection

A square with four equal sides and four right angles is undoubtedly a structured geometric shape that inspires order, rigor and precision.

There’s a reason we use the phrase “square” to describe a clear, distinct, and well-organized situation, or a person who is practical and methodical.

Since antiquity, philosophers have been interested in this form and its symbolism. This regular shape to a series of symmetries and interesting properties, in particular its diagonals and its areas. A symbol of stability and solidity, the values ​​of the square served as inspiration for our designer switch collection.

Technical informations

Our design switches are available in different formats and many finishes are available to best suit your needs. The thickness of the plate is 5 mm with a separate mechanism and they are entirely made of Solid Aluminum. All our switches comply with NF C15-100 standards.

Choose the finish that suits your style

As experts in the design and manufacture of high-end switches, we have created a whole series of finishes to adapt to your desires. In fact, in the K’arré collection, we have 12 finishes available:

  • Charcoal for an industrial or urban style, with raw materials such as concrete, metal and dark wood.
  • Natural for a minimalist or Scandinavian style, with neutral tones and natural materials such as light wood, stone and plants.
  • Champagne for an elegant and refined style, with soft colors and luxurious materials such as silk, velvet and marble.
  • Bronze-anodized for a modern and sophisticated style, with furniture in geometric shapes and brushed metal accessories.
  • Brushed nickel for a contemporary, minimalist style, with smooth surfaces and clean lines.
  • Rifle barrel for an industrial style, with distressed leather furniture and black metal accessories.
  • Fleece for a Scandinavian or Nordic style, with white, gray and light blue tones, natural materials and geometric patterns.
  • Brown for a chic style with furniture with elegant lines.
  • Antique bronze for a vintage style with dark wood furniture and aged metal accessories.
  • Burnished for a rustic style with raw wood furniture and textiles with traditional patterns.
  • Pink gold and pale gold for a touch of elegance in your interior.

The format you need

Find a whole series of sizes available in vertical or horizontal format in our collection of high-end designer switches. We adapt to all your needs:

  • 80x80mm
  • 80x160mm
  • 80x240mm
  • 80x320mm
  • 40x80mm
  • 80x120mm

Indeed, we take up the challenge of making “tailor-made” solutions thanks to our team of designers who are experts in high-end switches. As a manufacturer of high-end electrical equipment, we put our know-how at your service.

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