“Originel” collection

A sleek collection of switches and electrical sockets…

Armen Collection

A collection of high-end switches and electrical sockets !

Métamorphose Collection

A collection of custom-made brass switches and sockets…

Matière Lumière

Manufacturer of high-end electrical equipment

Enter the world of Matière Lumière, French manufacturer of luxury electrical switches and sockets! Discover our collections of high-end electrical equipment, manufactured using noble metals such as aluminium or brass.

Our design technicians are reinventing the world of quality electrical equipment, straight from our Plaisir workshop, just outside of Paris.

Our Originel, Ar Men and Métamorphose collections emulate French luxury through flawless workmanship and unique expertise, with their original designs of high-end switches and electrical sockets!

Discover our ranges of “made in Paris” electrical equipment designed to enhance the design in chateaux, villas, Haussmann flats, palaces, and renowned hotels!

Our partners, decorators, planners, and architects trust our quality for their luxury electrical projects!

Bringing energy throughout your cherished spaces by highlighting the material is our top priority. Matière Lumière, the art and the style!


Step into the light …


Perfect chemistry!


Evoke emotions!

Do you have a project that requires electrical equipment?

100% Unique Design

To shine light through the material, our designers create unique collections.

Made in Paris

Our collections of high-end switches and electrical sockets are 100% manufactured in France!


We believe that mindfulness makes all the difference in the manufacturing process of quality electrical equipment!