Ar Men Collection

A collection of high-end switches and electrical sockets

Matière Lumière, your manufacturer of high-end electrical equipment, was inspired by the famous Ar Men lighthouse to infuse the architectural spirit of this historic monument into a collection of electrical equipment.

Ar Men, which means “the rock” or “the stone” in Breton, is an iconic lighthouse built at the tip of Brittany in the 1860s. On an extremely dangerous site for sailors, the builders showed courage and innovation to guide and enlighten sailors during their crossings!

The designers of Matière Lumière were inspired by the formidable technical prowess represented by this famous Breton lighthouse to bring a collection worthy of carrying the values of this monument out of the Plaisir workshop.

“Highlighting the electrical equipment of your interior design” is part of Matière Lumière’s DNA. The luxury electrical equipment of the Ar Men collection meets the requirements of professionals, architects, decorators, and planners in search of excellence for the development of prestigious places, such as upscale residences and hotels.

A range of high-end electrical equipment that combines the strengths of the Originel and Métamorphose collections!

A daring marriage for a range of designer switches and sockets, suitable for all styles of interior design and all periods!

  • The 19th century, Haussmann style: champagne or gold finish aluminium switches, with gilded levers
  • The 20th century: vintage aluminium switches, charcoal finish with nickel pushbuttons
  • The 21st century, for a contemporary style: switches in matte black brushed aluminium, gunmetal finish
  • Mixed styles: with “trendy” switches in gold-finish aluminium, with gunmetal pushbuttons

The sizes and devices of the Ar Men collection

The conception of a range of high-end aluminium electrical equipment with the possibility of a “tailor-made” product is the challenge embarked on by the expert designers of Matière Lumière.

This range of luxury switches and sockets adapts to all your space planning configurations and all your architectural projects, with the possibility of custom manufacturing.

  • Vertical plate switch sizes (80×80 mm plate, from one to three aluminium switches, 80×120 mm plate, from two to five aluminium switches and 80×160 mm plate, from one to six aluminium switches)
  • Horizontal plate sizes for electrical sockets (80×80 mm plate, for one aluminium electrical socket, 80×160 mm plate, for two aluminium electrical sockets and 80×240 mm plate, for three aluminium electrical sockets).

Do you have a project that requires electrical equipment?

Ar Men finishes

Aluminium, made of an alloy of iron, chromium, and carbon, is manufactured in our workshop in Plaisir, near Paris. Our experts’ knowledge has made it possible to obtain an exceptional quality of finish. Our collection of electrical equipment with an original design is in line with current trends. An opportunity for anyone to create an atmosphere of your dreams!

  • Charcoal finish: black oxidation for designer switches with the colour of the moment
  • Natural finish: an abrasive treatment on the aluminium, for switches with a brushed finish
  • Champagne finish: luxury switches eponymous of the “chic” and “minimal” style
  • Gold finish: high-end switches, a luxury “French-style” finish
  • Gunmetal finish: matte black switches, for an industrial style

Our electrical devices

The integration of our devices, with a depth of 50 mm, is available in varied sizes. Ranging from a simple device (single two-way switch for 80×80 mm) to a more complex device (six switches for the 80×160 mm size). All the standard sockets are available.

  • PC sockets
  • RJ45 sockets
  • 2 USB sockets (USB charger)
  • HDMI sockets
  • TV and TV / FM sockets
  • TV / FM / SAT jacks
  • Wire sockets

These high-end electrical devices have magnetic fittings without any visible screws, for a clean look.

Discover our collections …

Discover our collections…